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Soapies Supplies :: Soapies Supplies Princess SoapiCalc
The Soapies Supplies Princess SoapiCalc allows you to create, save, and print your soap making recipes. You can use the SoapiCalc without registering or logging in but if you'd like to save the recipe for future use, you'll want to sign in now.

Recipe Creator:
Recipe Name:
Superfat %:

Oil Batch Size:


Soap Type:

Bar Soap-NaOH
Liquid Soap-KOH

Recipe Process:

Cold Process
Hot Process
Crockpot Method
Oven Process

Acai Berry Oil
Almond Butt…
Andiroba Oi…
Apricot Ker…
Apricot Ker…
Argan Oil
Baobab Oil
Black Cumin…
Black Raspb…
Black Seed Oil
Blackcurrant Oil
Borage Oil
Brazil Nut Oil
Broccoli Seed Oil
Buriti Oil
Camellia Seed Oil
Candelilla Wax
Canola Oil,…
Carnauba Wax Flakes
Carrot Oil
Cherry Kern…
Chinese Bean Oil
Coffee Bean…
Coffee Bean…
Cohune Oil
Colza Oil
Corn Oil
CottonSeed Oil
Cranberry Seed Oil
Crisco, New…
Crisco, Old
Cucumber Seed Oil
Cupuacu Butter
Emu Oil
Evening Pri…
Flax Oil, Linseed
Flax Seed O…
Ghee, any bovine
Green Coffee Oil
Hazel Nut Oil
Hemp Seed Butter
Hemp Seed O…
Illipe Butter
Jatropha Oil
Karanja Oil
Kokum Butter
Kpangnan Butter
Kukui Nut Oil
Lanolin Liquid Wax
Linseed Oil, Flax
Macadamia N…
Mango Seed Oil
Manketti Oil
Maracuja Oi…
Marula Oil
Meadowform Seed Oil
Mink Oil
Monoi de Tahiti Oil
Moringa Oil
Morrhua (Fish) Oil
Mowrah Butter
Murumuru Butter
Mustard Oil…
Myristic Acid
Neem Tree Oil
Neet's (Nea…
Oleic Acid
Olive Butter
Olive Oil
Olive Oil Pomace
Olive Oil, …
Olive Squal…
Ostrich Oil
Palm Kernel…
Palm Stearin
Palmitic Acid
Papaya Oil
Passion Fru…
Peach Kernel Oil
Peanut (aka…
Pecan Oil
Pequi Oil
Perilla Seed Oil
Pine tar
Pistachio Oil
Plum Kernel Oil
Poppy Seed Oil
Pumpkin See…
Ramic Oil
Rapeseed (a…
Red Palm Butter
Red Rapsber…
Rosehip Oil
Safflower Oil
Sal Butter
Sal Palmetto Oil
Saw Palmett…
Seabuckthorn Oil
Shea Oil, F…
Shealoe Butter
Soybean Oil
Soybean, 27…
Sunflower O…
Tallow, Bear
Tallow, Beef
Tallow, Deer
Tallow, Sheep
Tamanu Oil, Kamani
Tucuma Seed Butter
Tung Oil
Turkey Red Oil
Ucuuba Butter
Walnut Oil
Watermelon Seed Oil
Yangu, Cape…
Oils Summary
Oil % Pounds Ounces Grams
lye amounts
0% 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10%
water range
- oz
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