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Soapies Supplies :: F.A.Q.'s

Tax-Exempt Information: If you are a Resident of Arizona and have a current State of Arizona Resale License, you are welcome to apply for Tax Exempt Status with Soapies Supplies. Tax will be charged to all Arizona orders unless a current State of Arizona Resale Tax ID Number is furnished and we have a copy of your Certificate in our files. In order for you to place orders as Tax Exempt, you must first register as a customer in our cart area, then email us a copy of your current State of Arizona Resale License (see below).

After we have received a copy of your current State of Arizona Resale License, we will automate your account to be Tax Exempt. We will not reverse any tax applied to orders before we receive the required information listed above.

In order to approve your request, we will need a copy of your current State of Arizona Resale License emailed to us. Thank you!!

Customer Pick-up Information: "I live in Arizona, can I pick-up my order instead of paying for shipping?"
Yes, Soapies allows customers to pick-up their orders on specified days. We have 4 Customer Pick-Up options in the Shipping Section for you to choose from. If you are coming from out of town, please call to make special arrangements with us. Customer Pick-Up Options:

Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat mornings at 8am.

NOTE: Please be prompt as we only allow a One Hour Pick-Up Window.

Soapies Goes Green!

Soapies is trying to go as GREEN as possible!!

Here's the deal:
You give us your Packing Peanuts, Packing Paper and Shipping Boxes that are in good, clean and reusable condition and we will give you a Special Discount...
5% Off
your next purchase!! Email us via our Contact Us Form to make arrangements!!

Wishlist Feature

What is a Wishlist?
Receive the products and gifts you want and remove the guesswork from gift giving. Our Wish List allows you to create a list of the products you really want and share it with friends and family. If you see an item you like, simply add it to your wish list and when you're through shopping, you can choose to save the list for later use or send it to others.

How do I add items to my Wishlist?
You must be registered and logged in to use the Wishlist feature. Make sure you're logged in, otherwise our store has no idea who you are or where to store your data. When you find a product you want to add, just click on "add to wishlist." Pretty simple!

How do I remove an item from my Wishlist?
View your list and simply click on "delete item." Additionally, you can choose to increase the number of items if you want, say, 2 or more of a particular product. To clear your entire Wishlist, click on the "clear wish list" button at the bottom.

What items can I add to my Wishlist?
You may add ANY item within our store! If you can view it, you can add it!

How do my friends or family members view my list?
Sorry, your Wishlist is available only to you. You can choose to send the entire list to one or more people or just one product at a time.

How do I purchase items in my Wishlist?
Just click on "add to cart." Easy as that!

How do others purchase items for me?
When you choose to send one item or the entire list to someone, they receive an email from our store stating that you have chosen to share your wish list. They click on the link provided within the email and will be shown your entire list or the one item you've sent. From there, they can "Add to Cart" and order one or more items for you. Pretty simple!

Discounts & Coupons

I have a coupon I'd like to use, but I don't see where to enter it? Help!
At this time, the only screen you can enter a coupon code in is "View Cart." Just click the "View Cart" link in the Cart box and scroll to the bottom. There you'll find the coupon box! Enter your coupon and click "submit." If you have entered a valid coupon, you'll see your savings appear. That's all there is to it!

NOTE: If you have attended a Gathering or Convention and received a Soapies Bucks Coupon, please mention the amount of the Soapies Bucks and the Gathering/Convention you attended in the Comments Section of the cart and we will deduct/refund that dollar amount to you.

Gift Certificates

How do I order a Gift Certificate?
We are thrilled to now offer real-time Gift Certificates! What a fantabulous gift for friends, family members or someone in your soaping community. Ordering our Gift Certificates is a breeze and is sure to bring a big smile to the recipient's face. Just click on the "gift Certificates" link in the upper menu, under our logo, and walk through the basic, simple steps. Just a few quick clicks and your GC wil be winging it's way to a very lucky person.

How do I redeem a Gift Certificate that I've been given? HELP!!
It's soo simple to use our Gift Certificates! When you've finished your shopping and are ready to check out, just remember to click on "gift certificate" when asked for your payment method. The payment page that appears will have instructions on redeeming your GC and using it to pay for your order.

What if my order is MORE than the Gift Certificate amount I was given?!?!
No worries there! If you are purchasing more than you have available on your GC, our cart will prompt you to enter payment method for the remaining balance. Super simple!

Ok. Well, what if I order something and I still have a balance on my GC? Is it lost? Do I HAVE to spend the full amount at one time?
You certainly do not! If you place an order that is less than your GC balance, the remaining balance will be saved until you go to use it again. GC's do expire one year after they are issued, so don't sit on that balance too long! We don't want you to miss out on FREE stuff!!


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