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Soapies Mailing List
5 great reasons to join our mailing list

1. $5.00 coupon.
New subscribers receive a $5.00 off their next purchase coupon (1 time use only, per person) as a thank-you for signing up!

2. "Subscriber Only" specials, sales, promotions.
Signing up is FREE and we promise not to spam your inbox with a deluge of emails. Instead, you'll receive up to 4 or 5 emails per month with specials and sales that only YOU can participate in.

3. Advance notice of sales and specials.
Learn before the rest of John Q Public when we're going to be having a sale or special. A well-ordered life is one that has plenty of planning and being notified in advance will help with planned shopping and allow you save some serious dough.

4. Contests and prizes!
Hold on to your hats because we are about to go prize-crazy! We'll be giving away all kinds of fabulous prizes like Gift Certificates, free products, and much more. The thing is, you can't win if you aren't a subscriber. Why haven't you subscribed yet?

5. Because the Princess said to, that's why!
This might be the most pressing reason of all. The Princess hath commanded it and really, do you want to risk disobeying her command? I didn't think so.

Now hurry off and get yourself subscribed before the Princess comes in here and makes an almighty stink!

Please note: Soapies will never ever *ever* share your personal information with anyone! We'll just send you our fun and exciting newsletter - that's it!

Newsletter Archives: missed a copy of the newsletter? You can read previous mailings here!

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