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Soapies Supplies :: Testimonials!

When I received my first order of AB-3 I tried it on my chronic aches and pains, and the AB-3 didn't work - "chronic" is not an overstatement! But that was no reason to completely write it off; after all, I had read the website information. I was willing to give it a chance on other ailments and conditions.

While on vacation last week both of my boys developed colds with noisy coughs and I remembered what I'd read about AB-3 and coughs. Last night while tucking my daughter into bed I heard my younger son in his room hacking is little head off. Time to try AB-3!

I treated him with a Hall's cough drop and smeared his neck with AB-3 and within 4 minutes his cough had completely vanished. (I know that cough drops, alone, do not STOP a cough.)

Today my older son had the same sort of cough and I didn't pass up the chance to experiment with the same treatment. I observed different results with him, though; instead of taking 4 minutes for his cough to stop, it stopped immediately! He did not cough once after the neck oiling and cough drop treatment! I really don't think the cough drop was even necessary. (After a later treatment I found that the cough drop does need to be used in conjunction with the AB-3 for best results; still beats using any of the drugs on the market.)

Does AB-3 work on old neck injuries? Not mine! But it is the best cough remedy I have ever seen!
Karen Darnell
Hubbard, Oregon

Thank you soooo much!!!!

Just got my order in and everything is fantastic!! Thank you so much and I'll be ordering again soon!!
Anjanette N.

By the way, I have fallen in love with the AB3. Not only me tho, my whole family. I really didn't talk it up because I wanted them to make their own conclusions as to how well it worked. The day I got it Brooks, my husband, fell down the stairs at work carrying a box that had a table saw in it. His back/shoulder area hit the stairs. He was sure he was going to be in bed the next day. I rubbed it all over his back and next day he was so happy. It hurt, but nothing like he expected. Then my son Molloy was working out in the yard and had a very clumsy day. He came in three times with cuts and bumps. One was on his toes where a large piece of lumber hit his foot and bruised his toes. They were already bruising pretty badly when I rubbed them with the AB3.

Then he fell and scrapped his leg and ankle. The skin was broken in one spot. The other time was when he fell halfway off the porch hurting his chest/stomach. That one he didn't want the AB3 on. The next day that one was the only one that hurt. That was great for me as a Mom, but what I didn't count on was that several days later he came up to me and said, "Can I take some of that stuff you rubbed on me when I got hurt to Grandma as a gift? It's really good stuff." Just thought I'd share. I'm getting anxious to really get going on selling it.

Thanks for everything...especially letting me have a chance as a authorized dealer.
Falla's Creations, Astoria, OR

I received my supplies today and I was really pleased with the shipping time. You now have a new friend and I will be ordering again.

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and I am so pleased. Thank you so much! I will be back for more items for sure!!

Hi Kelley, just a quick note to let you know i received my order today. thanks a lot :) I love, love, love the fresh laundry fo! The cost of shipping this FO to the UK is well worth it!
I will be ordering from you again :)

Hi, Kelley! Awwwww, thanks! Just wanted to let you know that I got my stuff :o)
And WOW that cocoa butter is AWESOME!!!!! Please don't ever stop carrying it.... I am your customer for life! *grin* I can't believe I have been paying shipping charges to get cocoa butter from some other place, cuz I liked how chocolatey it smelled...I had no IDEA such yummy cocoa butter was available right here in my own town!!!! And at a great price!! aaaaaand I love how it's in chunks, instead of one whole melted down piece that you have to hack at whenever you need it. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!

I received my order today. Honestly, I thought it took a little long to get here. I do realize that you are in Arizona and I am in Illinois, but I'm spoiled by being in the middle of the country. I'm not writing to complain. I'm writing to compliment. Imagine my surprise when I opened my box and found a sample of Rhassoul Clay. A Sample!!!! I was so touched that you would think to send a sample at your expense that right then and there I decided to order from you in the future. Thank you so much for being a "Mom and Pop" company. It's people you that make me remember why I'm trying to start my own company.

This just tells you the kind of people you deal with at Soapies Supplies. I've got my first order from them and you can't ask for more friendly and helpful people. If you've not ordered from them I'd suggest you go ahead and do it. Everything was as described. Both Kelley and Bronson spent valuable time teaching me new soap techniques when I picked up my order.

My order was just as I had placed it, packed well and exceptional quality. Soapies Supplies is my personal favorite place to shop!!!
Phoenix, AZ

Hi Kelly, got my jars today - Gosh that was so quick! The jars are just what I wanted, perfect! Thanks so much for all your help. I really appreciate it!
The Lavender Knot

Hi Kelley, Just wanted to thank you for posting your ad on In Toiletries. You have some things are just what I'm looking for! I just discovered jojoba spheres and I'm paying quite a bit more for them from another vendor - yours are very reasonably priced and come in great colors! I use them in my facial cleanser.

I also was looking for smaller sized powder containers for my dry facial scrub that I'm developing. You have them! Thank you so much and expect an order from me soon,

Just wanted to drop a line & let you know I received my order & I love the milk bottles! Just DARLING! Thanks so much!
A. Ryan

Hi Kelly I just wanted to thank you so much for these 1 lb molds. They are just the right size and will give me a Varity of soaps fast. Thanks again! :-)))
Judy Thompson

Hi Kelley, I made some beeswax ornaments tonight with your wax. They turned out great!!! That wax is wonderful! Thank you!

Hi, Kelley. I just got the parcel today. The FOs are absolutely great. Sunflower Extra is like a real flower. Indian Summer is fruity but not too sweet. Fresh Laundry is light and fresh indeed. I have another detargent FO, but I didn't like that FO. Your FOs are all lovely, I should try all type!!! Thank you so much!!!

Hi, Kelley, Bronson & Jamie!
Thanks again for all your generosity at the gathering! Wow, you guys really outdid yourselves; you are getting legendary, doncha know! :o) I was thrilled to win the centerpiece at our table, wahoo!!! And I was so pleased to see those lip balm holders; I've been wanting something like that - - so nice of you to read my mind! *grin* So of COURSE I had to get one of each size!

Kelley, you wanted me to remind you about checking out chamomile FO samples...I'm ready and willing! oh boy. And don't forget, I am DEFINITELY a customer for that honey FO! Thanks again! You all deserve a niiiiiiice long rest now! :o)

I just wanted to say your double-handled knife is excellent! I used it to chop up several big blocks of M&P, and it made the job so much easier! Thanks for having such great products & service!

Hi Kelley,
I ordered a lip balm sampler (etc.) from you a couple of months ago and I just wanted to let you know how much I love your flavor oils! Your flavors have been flying off my table - especially the Orange Papaya & Strawberry Mango - yum! I need to order more soon. Also, I see that you have the colored caps for lip balm tubes. Would you be able to get black caps? (I use the white tubes w/black caps & clear labels for all my lip balms) I currently buy these from XYZ but I was very happy with your service and would love to be able to buy these from you instead.
Jennifer Thompson
Two Rivers Soap Company

Hi Kelley!
I was fortunate enough to attend the Upper Midwest Soapmakers Gathering in Minnesota this past weekend. We had a wonderful time and learned many new techniques and were introduced to many new suppliers by way of door prizes and items in our goodie bags. It is always wonderful to meet up with old friends and make new friends too.

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the gathering. It is wonderful suppliers like you that help to make our gatherings just that much more special.
Lezlee Williams, Owner
Simple Soothings
Lincoln, Nebraska

Just got done with my ArthRex Lotion using the SSCC instead of the conditioning emulsifier I normally use...I love it, I love it, I love it!! Sooooooo easy!! Did have to go with 3.9% to get it the consistency I wanted (and could prolly have gone to maybe 4.5% to get a tad thicker), but I'm just delighted! I especially love the fact that what I see (consistency-wise) is what I get...since I'm terribly lotion-challenged most days ;-) You've got a winner here for sure, Kelley!!
Sam Wertz
Frogwood Essentials
Batesburg, SC

My order arrived Saturday morning, I'm very pleased with it! They all smell lovely and the postal service was great, Perfectly packed etc. I can't wait to try them out. Many thanks and kind regards

Aloha Kelley,
Received the bottles on Friday. Thank you so much for jumping through hoops to get them out to me. Great customer service, and those that are willing to go the extra mile today are few and far between. Unfortunately, the 4 oz Clear Bullets I ordered did not turn out to be what I thought they were. My error for 'assuming' and not clarifying with you what material these were made of (I assumed PET), or what size disk cap (I assumed 20/410, not 24/410). As a result, they simply don't meet my needs, or match the sizing I currently use in my packaging.
I read your returns policy, and with your permission, I will send them back to you for a credit (less your 20% re-stocking charge, of course). Thanks again for your outstanding service. I will certainly keep you in mind for future purchases.
CC Isole
Hana, Maui, Hawaii

Subject: Bringing up Lavender,Apples and Oak FO

A couple of weeks ago, I asked about this FO because it sounded so unique. Several people recommended it to me, and Cheryl was sweet enough to send me a sniffie. Well, I ordered some from Kelly and I got it today. Man, it is terrific! Every time I smell it, it smells different. I get a hint of lavender,go back and the apple jumps out at me! The oak comes in like oakmoss in the base. Thanks so much to everyone for peaking my interest in this fo. I can't wait to soap it! I also picked up a buyer's choice of flavor oils--a 5 pack. All are wonderful smelling, but the Honey is to die for. Smells like honeycomb just pulled from a hive. Thanks Kelley for great service and products. Keep up the good work!:O)
Vicki in VA
Goddess of Love Soaps and Sundries

Hi Kelley!

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased 50 dome jars with lids, not only did they show up a day ahead of schedule but I have that beautiful jar you through in for a sample. That is very nice and the jars just look GREAT! Wonderful customer service. Thank you!
Erica Lehr

Hi Kelley!

I saw your site and I just have to tell you how great it is! Everything is so well layed out and the navigation is terrific. This is one of the best soap supply web sites I've seen. Having a printable price list is such a timesaver. I'm big on comparing prices and this makes it so much easier to see at a glance what I may need and what price it will be. Many, many kudos to you and to your site designer. You should really think about entering your site into one of the ecommerce awards shows. I'm sure you and your designer would win something for having a site that is so easy to navigate for your customers.

On another note, your prices are also very comparable and I'm already looking to see what I can order from you. Congratulations on making it easier for a soaper like me to purchase supplies!
Veronica Sanders
Whimsical Gifts and Baskets

Where to find "good tasting" flavors?
I bought mine from Kelley at www.Soapies-Supplies.com and like them alot! And she has sampler packs! Now with all flavors I've ordered I've noticed that they do not taste good straight from the bottle. But once mixed in, they are great. This is true from any company I've ordered from. I just got in some liquid sweetner to test out to see if it makes my lip balms better or not. I've read the addition of a sweetner is advisable, but I'll try it and see. I've also noticed that if I let the lip balms sit for a week or two, they taste better. Just my experience. But I do think you should try some of Kelley's!

You just won the "quickest response via e-mail in the world" award!!!! You're everything I read about you!! (wonderful things)!!!!
Gayle Glasson

I purchased a pound of your Simple Cream Creator and finally got a chance to play around with it yesterday. What an impressive product! I have seen concentrates elsewhere on the internet, but never anything quite like this. I used it to formulate a microdermabrasion cream and a body butter. I am normally lotion impaired and have wound up with many a soupy or separated lotion or cream. This stuff is idiot-proof! You have to use so little and the fact that you can do everything at just above room temperature is awesome because you don't have the cooling down period to wait and see how thick your cream will end up being! I think that everyone who has a "fear of lotions" should try this!

I will DEFINITELY be back for more of this stuff! Thanks for a top-notch product!

I have to take a minute to RAVE about Kelley's Mini Measure!!! I received one in December and LOVE IT! I use LabColours in my soaps and these are the PERFECT size to measure out the formulas for my colors. I simply use the measure on the Mini Measure and get my colors all ready to go and when my soap is at trace I dump it in. I used to use Tablespoon measures and this was not only messy, but I had to mess with it at the very last minute. Using the Mini Measures I can do this ahead of time and I know my "parts" are correct. Kelley tells me that the company that makes these (USA Manufactured) stops the machine every 700 units to recalibrate the measures to ensure that they are correct. AWESOME!!!

I'll be ordering a few more in the next day or so. Just wanted to alert you to this product of hers if it's something you have overlooked! At $3.00 .. it's a great deal! It is heavy glass and washes clean and is constructed for years of use!!

End of product endorsement. (Very Big Grin)
Simple Soothings

Although I just ordered a small amount from you (tea bags), I was so pleased to see a little Honey Bear came with it! These would be a great addition to my line! (Since I am Honeybee Hollow!) Thanks for the great service and look forward to my next order!
Happy Holidays!

Package arrived today and it was exactly what I needed -- thanks for all your help -- I couldn't believe how fast my shipment arrived -- even with the holidays -- thanks again

have a wonderful holiday season.

I just wanted to let you know my order arrived this weekend. One box on saturday and one on sunday. YIPEEE!!!! Now I can get busy on my new packaging. And thanks for the extra goodies you included in the order. After the first of the year, when I recover from Christmas spending LOL, I'll be ordering a lot more stuff from you.

Happy holidays!!
A Magickal Garden

Hello!! I just placed another order, I soooo love your site! It's my new favorite! thanks bunches!
Marie Elaine Bath & Beauty
Marie Elaine

I loved the bottles and your email about me keeping the spray tops was really nice. I'll be placing more orders with you. I so appreciate you getting back with me so quickly. I'll let you know when they arrive. I know how things can happen. You've been super about resolving it. Not many companies such as yourself are left who really care about their customers. It makes an impression that always lasts :)

Thank You again :)

I have to compliment Kelley from soapies-supplies. I was in need of some 8 or 16 oz clear oval jars for some salt scrubs. I was having a heck of a time finding them. I emailed and asked Kelley, she emailed back, said she found some (she was first sure of what I wanted) gave me a price and in about a weeks time, she had them shipped to her, then shipped to me. Now, is that service or what! I didn't have to pay extra or anything! The jars are perfect, I made up some salt scrubs tonight and loaded them into the jars, they look gorgeous!!!!!

Kelley, You're great!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been impressed so far!!!!!!!!!!!
North Star Creations - Missouri

10 Thumbs up to a Vendor :)
Kelley..You get 10 Thumbs up...since I'm all Thumbs most of the time ;) I need ONE item to finish up a Special Basket by Thursday night. Kelley had what I needed. :) As I was browsing her site....I got Extra's of what I needed...then something new I hadn't tried before ;)

Got to check out..and saw she was in AZ...longgggg way for TN...and shipping was UPS...So I sent out a MAYDAY....HELP HELP HELP!! LOL :) Telling her the products I needed or wanted ;) lol. And asking if she could ship Priority. Normally I don't do this, I just wait. But I needed em so bad...LOL. UPS is 7 to 8 days from AZ...Priority is 2.

And she wrote me back...very quickly too, and said she could and would. AND She did. :) :) :) :) :) :) It arrived TODAY...2 days after shipped. Now I can finish up :) And I'm just tickled to death :) :) I'll finish up a Day ahead of Schedule too :)

THANKS KELLEY!!!!! I So Appreciate the Effort you gave me. :) :) One HAPPY Customer :) :)
Frogge :)

GREAT Customer Service
Ok guys, I HAVE to tell you this...you know I was looking for apple flavor oil. Ok, one of our super suppliers, Kelley, said she had it. Well, I ordered it (along with some other stuff). Fedex or Priority Mail was not an option on her shopping cart. But I put a comment in the box that I REALLY needed it by this weekend. Well, by God, she mailed it out Priority Mail and I got it today! Isn't that just great? So, all I have to say is, if you need something in a hurry, Kelley will get it out to ya! Just ask her! Tell you what...I really enjoy ordering supplies from our suppliers as they are always willing to work with ya. And they always come thru in a pinch! Kelley, thank you SO MUCH! You have no idea how you helped me out on this! YOU are the GREATEST!
Robin :)

Order Arrived!!
...And one day earlier than the estimated arrival date!! I love everything - have posted a scent review to the list - sorry they're not in more detail, but have been really sick with a head cold all week :( The DW jars are perfect for the solid perfume I'm making-I debated on the 1/4 oz, but it's harder to get your fingers in to dig it out when it starts getting low!! So these are great. Thanks for throwing in the honey bear...I think some milk bath with a Oatmeal, milk and honey FO would be perfect in these bears!! Hmmmmm. Maybe another order will be placed SOON, I'm thinking!! Thanks so much Kelley!!
Kym :)

Order came in
My order came in and everything arrived safely. I love the jars...it is exactly what I was looking for and I'm so pleased. Thank you too for the little teddy bear bottle...it is adorable. I'm going to make something for our granddaughter and put in there. She'll love it. Oh, and all the glycerin...I liked to have thrown my back out just getting the box in the house. Ugh! My husband told me next time to wait and he'd do it for me. I was just too excited to get it in and couldn't wait to open it...I felt like a kid at Christmas...so thanks again!

Got my box from Kelley!!
Happy,happy!! Saw the UPS truck pull up outside, and dashed out the the door like a woman possessed!! Got it delivered to my office, so I would not have to endure the agony of waiting all day :) Got the 1/2oz DW jars...very nice, and the perfect size for what I am looking for!! Also ordered a FO sampler pack.


  • Tangerine-Grapefruit: I can smell each scent equally-very nice-I think this would be perfect for sachets, salts, or swirly soap!
  • Fresh Ginger-Lime: Citrus-y oriental fragrance. Very clean! Would be great for linen spray
  • North Woodsman: I smell a lot of Sandalwood in this-which is a good thing. Clean, deep, masculine scent. People who like patchouli would love this
  • Frangipani Blossom: I was looking for another floral for my solid perfumes, and I think this is it!! It's sweet like a jasmine-reminds me a little of "White Shoulders", which my mom used to wear a lot
  • And (the best for last)Gingerbread Man!! This smells so yummy-it will be FABULOUS in a brown sugar scrub for the holidays!! I can't wait to go home and play!!
    Kym :)

    My order
    I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to call me personally and explain about the jojoba spheres and dendritic salt. I haven't had a chance to use either yet, but the spheres look really cool! I also posted a note to the CNYSoapMakers group on yahoo to let the other members know how impressed I was with your customer service, packaging, and quick shipment.

    Thanks so much! I will certainly be ordering from you when my supply runs low!
    Colleen Johnston
    Handcrafted Soaps and Toiletries


    I want to thank you so much for your help last week...I really appreciated how promptly you looked into my question and came up with a solution! Your customer service is wonderful and the "personal touch" really sets you apart!

    I received the containers and lids and everything is perfect. I'm sure I'll be reordering again at some point! Thanks again.

    Hey Kelley!

    The replacement order arrived in absolute perfect condition...I laughed when I opened the box and thought to myself that there was no way that clay was gonna go anywhere, no matter what FedEx put it thru! LOL!

    Thank you again, so very much for replacing everything and also for the extra polishing cloth...that was way above and beyond generous! This is the first time I've tried one of these and I really love it...I've always used washcloths but this is so much better!

    I'll check back with you in a few weeks to see if you were able to get the micronized clay for me...do you suggest that I don't use this non-micronized for facial masks at all? Would it be too harsh? I definitely don't want to harm anyone.

    Thank you again. I'm off to fill some orders. I'll talk to you soon.
    Ro Peluso

    Thanks so much... I recieved my pippet order in a timely manner!! And thanks forthe sample container.

    I just want to say that I have had the best customer service experience in a very long time. I would recommend Soapies Supplies to any one for honest, reliable and cheerful customer service.

    Thanks for that, Kelly!
    Catherine M. Wood
    Eagle Spirit Healing Center
    Where Your Spirit Learns To Soar
    Eagle Spirit Healing Center

    Thanks, Kelley! I actually did get my order today and loved it! Your OMH is the best! I've been soaping for about 7 - 8 months and I"m getting ready to sell my soaps in 2006. I made test bars of several different versions of OMH but yours has had the best feedback, and it's my personal favorite, and it cures to a very pretty tan in my goat milk soaps instead of a dark muddy brown like many others. Also, after trying different citrus scents, my friends and family loved the scrub bar that I made with YOUR Rich Citrus Cream so I plan to carry that one in my regular line now too. It even holds up over time which many citrus FOs don't!

    Thanks! Great stuff! And thanks for the chapstick tube-- how did you know that next on my list was to try making my own lip balms?! ;)

    One very happy customer,

    Man, you guys rock! Thanks soooo very much for helping out on this one and for having gift certificates available!!!!! I can't believe that someone wouldn't send a Secret Santa gift ... I guess it takes all kinds. But, at least Candice was able to get something - plus the bonus of getting to shop at your place! I hope she picks up on some of the jojoba spheres that we were talking about recently - you were mentioned as a supplier and you have such a nice variety. Not to mention all the other great stuff. Thanks again, Kelley. We really appreciate suppliers like you!!!!!
    Golden Sage

    Hi Kelley,

    I'm not big on lip flavors .. in fact I've never liked them much at all.

    I just purchased and used your "Cherry" flavor oil in some lip treatment product that I make for a wholesale customer, and it is absolutely fantastic!! It is so good that I may be introducing this to our Simple Soothings product line, too.

    You have a huge winner with many of your products .. but that Cherry flavor oil is above and beyond!!!
    Simple Soothings

    Amazing FO's!
    Just wanted to go out of my way to send you a Fan Mail. I'm a new soaper since July, 05. I've tried lots of FO's from lots of companies but I keep coming back to your company for more. I recently got the 5-pack. his weekend I did some test soaps and I particularly fell in love with Lezlee's Lav/Apples/Oak and your China Rain. I already stock your OMH and Citrus Cream as regular scents. Towards summer I"m going to do the Creamy coconut again. Anyway... great FOs! and great service, too!
    Kathy Patterson

    So, I made a big ol' batch of GM soap and used the CM FO for it. I happen to think it was a snifty scent (it's my own soap after all. lol) but I thought you'd like to know that when I sent it off for a soap swap, I've got everyone and their brother asking me could I PLEASE tell them which FO I used cuz they LOVE it! :D

    I"m going to send you a box this week and I"ll toss in a bar of this soap so you can see it/use it. I'm sending folks your way too when I give out the FO link! :D

    And I"ll have to order more of that FO soon - this is something I'll be making again and again, tis so nummy! :)
    - Cherie
    RedLime Web Development
    :: add some zest to your site ::
    RedLime Web

    I have been using your log molds for a few years now (I have eight!) and they are so great. Nice and solid, really well-constructed, with good defined edges so that freezer paper folds around it nice and securely (I've seen some molds with edges that are seriously sanded and rounded; while this may be attractive, it is not practical; the definite edges make it much easier to install and tape down the freezer paper.) Now, I had been hearing about some "other" molds for years... molds that seem to be the "holy grail" for soapmakers. I finally got one, so I could see what all the fuss was about, and y'know I was disappointed.... a LOT! They really aren't terribly well put together. When I pour a batch of soap, I like to BANG it on the counter to get any bubbles out, so the mold needs to be really solid to withstand this abuse. That new one I got... well, I just don't think I'd be comfortable banging it down very hard. So, I've had my fling, and now I'm back to my wonderful Soapies molds! Oh, and another thing... many people comment that the size of the bars that your log molds makes, feel "just right" in their hands. Looooove my Soapies molds! Can I have four more, please? :o)
    S.H., Arizona

    I received my order and couldn't be happier! The soap cutter is great and I am sooo impressed with the craftsmanship! Thanks again!

    Hi Kelley!

    I just wanted to say thank you again for meeting me! And thank you for the extra pipettes (I ALWAYS forget to order those!). The lava lip glosses came out super cute!

    Thanks again! I really appreciate it :)

    Have a great day!

    Hi Kelley -

    I really appreciate your efforts! My eo vendor didn't include the Lavender I ordered and I'm in desperate need for an upcoming event. They weren't willing to go the extra mile and ship it today or expedite it :-(

    So, I remember someone raved about your lavender on the forum and it not being medicinal so I thought I'd give it a try.

    I'm also still in the market for a cutter... are they available?
    Thanks again - Randie

    AB-3 - just wanted to say I ordered some of this a while back and didn't really do anything with it, but back in the summer I broke my ankle. It has been hurting lately after a 10 hr. shift at work. I usually take a few aspirins and suffer through the aching. A few nights ago I remembered I had bought the AB3 and my ankle was throbbing, I rolled it on and a nice kinda warm feeling went through my ankle and the throbbing has stopped. I have used it several times since right before I go to sleep at night and it works wonders on this old injury. I am definitely impressed.
    Janis Rogers

    We absolutely love your soap cutter which we use for our soap business - "Biggs & Featherbelle". Business is doing great and we're cutting a lot of soaps. We definitey need a second one. Thanks!!
    Biggs & Featherbelle

    I just received your products and I'm so pleased with them. I will be ordering from you again soon, I have been looking for a supplier that I can do business with that I can profit from as well and I think I can do that with you.
    Thanks Again

    I received my order today. Can't say enough good things about being a first time customer. The product was exactly what I needed. Shipping was super fast.
    Thank you so much!
    Lea Miller

    Wow-thank you soo much, I didn't get your first e-mail-hmmmm....I will return the screw-on caps to you. I must say, you guys are amazing! It is so refreshing to work with people who are kind and considerate as you. I just had an awful experience with an online order, the box came damaged with pieces missing-they didn't want to know anything about it-it was quite frustrating to say the least.
    Thanks again!

    Hi Kelley;

    Received my order yesterday with the 40 flip caps-Thank you SOOOO much-I still can't get over the fact that you guys just sent them to me on good faith! it's just unheard of in this day and age! You guys are the BEST!!!!

    I am sending the screw on caps back to you today, via FedEx Ground.
    Thanks again!

    Hi Kelley,

    Just in case you are interested - the order arrived in today's mail. For me - USPS is quite speedy!
    I enjoy getting shipments from you - even the packaging smells nice!!
    Thanks again.

    Thanks Kelly,

    I appreciate that. I usually like to be better organized than I have been lately. Just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I will truly recommend you to others.

    Hi Kelley,

    Just in case you are interested - the order arrived in today's mail. For me - USPS is quite speedy!

    I enjoy getting shipments from you - even the packaging smells nice!!
    Thanks again.

    Good morning

    I am very pleased with the cutter, packaging, and fast shipping! Thank you :-D
    Best regards,

    Hi Kelly,

    Just to let you know that the soap was not just fine, but it is fantastic! I thought that I loved the Melt and Pour I was purchasing from another source, but my husband and I agree that this is superior. The texture and color is perfect for the primitive style of soaps that I am doing and the lather and moisture is great! All I need to do now is get my ordering organized. I would love to see you have a bigger inventory of dried botanicals ie: lavender, orange peel, calendula etc. and natural root powders, so I could get everything from you. There is no local source in this area for these items. Anyway, I wish that I could just stop my two other jobs I have and just do soap! I am not very computer savy plus I really don't like conducting to many of life's simple pleasures through a keyboard, so I may send you some pictures of my finished wrapped products. I wish you well in business and spirit....
    Diane Smigielski


    I really enjoy using the soap mold I bought from you recently that you advertised on the FO Fastbuy yahoo group. I am very, very pleased with it.
    Thank you.

    Hey Kelley,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve tried out the soap mold (12 Bar Double Silicone Log Mold - 12DSLM ) a couple of times and I ADORE IT!! Silicone is definitely the way to go – it unmolds cleanly and is a snap to clean. If the silicone holds up – and I will be putting it the test in the next couple of months – this will be well worth the money.

    Hi - I recently started ordering from you and I love what I have ordered so far. I was even more surprised about the liquid soap paste sample you sent me! It's definitely an idea I didn't entertain but I will now. I was wondering however, if you will sell transfer pipettes. They're great for liquid transfer for lip balms and even better for use with oils to avoid contamination. Can you please inform me if you will ever sell this product?
    Thank you!

    Hi Kelley :)

    I got my order last week and wanted to say thanx!
    I used some of the base I purchased to make some soap and yesterday when my daughter took our products to a 4 hour farmers market they sold like hotcakes!!! Wish I could have been there too but alas, duty calls in the life of a pharmacy tech...lol I'll most definately be back for more!!!

    I have a question about shipping. I love your Oatmeal, Milk & Honey fo but I can't fathom paying almost $11.00 to ship a 4 oz bottle :( Do you ship any other way other than fed-ex? Let me know when you get a chance.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and thanx again!

    Soapies Note: Unfortunately, we can only sup via Fed Ex Ground on Fragrance Oils.

    Hey Kelley ~

    I just wanted to jot a quick note of thanks, your door prize and coupons were so generous and while I will be sending a proper card of thanks with a small gift from us I wanted to write a few select vendors that went above and beyond in their donations. Thank you so much for continuing to support us and helping ME (I might actually get this all down one day). The winner of your door prize was so excited, I think she is a new soaper. It was a great time and you helped make it so by your generosity!

    Talk to you soon - Cheers
    Mid-Atlantic Lights and Lather Artisans

    KELLEY!!!! Your new unrefined shea!!

    WHOA!!! I just picked up some of that unrefined shea that Kelley has now and WOW is it nice! I have been buying unrefined shea for yeeeeeears, and have seen it all... the green stuff, the gray stuff, the brown stuff, the bright yellow stuff, the stuff with twigs in it, the stuff that smells like it just got in from a camping trip (you know, that seriously smoky stuff?), and every once in a while, some creamy smooth clean just-barely-earthy-smelling stuff. Well THIS shea is the latter... some of the best unrefined shea I have ever come across! I loooove it!!

    Thank you thank you for tracking this down! What a TREAT!!!

    Kelly, you're THE BEST! Thank you so much for getting the soap bands to me in 2 days. I ordered late Saturday afternoon, emailed you I needed them for a big show in 6 days and I got them Tuesday morning. This means you put took them to the Post Office that day! I will definitely be a returning customer.

    Sandra Meyer
    Botanica Basics

    Hi Kelley,

    Thank you so much for such fast shipping! You’re great! J This will really help me out. If they work well I’ll be back for more -- I’m just switching from jars to Malibu tubes and I think I’ll love them! I’ve been hunting for white with black caps and am glad I found you.

    Many thanks,

    Hi Kelley -

    I drove home from AZ on Sat with my trunk completely full of soaping supplies. I figure it was about 250# so I saved a bundle on shipping costs. Today I started a soap blitz. Your new Palm Oil (aka shortening) is a big improvement- really smooth & easy to transfer into smaller containers. I also LOVE the plastic pitchers for mixing lye - sure beats the thriftstore Rubbermaid containers I'd been using. Thanks for such great products!

    Green Blessings,

    Dear Kelly and Staff,

    Just want you to know that while there is a plethora of suppliers here in California, I prefer soapies over 99.9% of them!!! Your immediate responses to emails, your quick turn-around from order to delivery, you always seem to make the time to answer questions, no matter how mundane or trivial the question may be.

    I know we are not supposed to name names, and I am equally sure you probably know the people, but I have to tell you that courtesy goes more than miles with me, it travels leagues! Company ABC and Company XYZ are now only used by my staff and I "if we absoulutely have to" and can't find the desired item anywhere else.

    Kelly, I just want you to know that in this world on complainers and whiners, Power Of Three believes that "Warm Fuzzies" need to be done if for no other reason than the fact that we all need a pat on the back, head and heart every now and then again.

    Just wanted you to know...

    Brightest Of All Blessings To You and Yours
    Jan Pace
    Power Of Three Creations
    Fallbrook, CA  

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